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Pass Through

Research Strategies, Inc. was recently involved with a legal case that required substantial effort on everyone’s part to be highly successful.

You see, Research Strategies, Inc. is known for its ability to accomplish difficult legal recruiting, whether the stakes are high or not! In this case, the stakes were very high, and it required many days and hours of diligent dedication and focus to maintain the course, so the outcome of the two legal events, that comprised this study, were immensely successful.

We were challenged with meeting recruiting qualifications for the largest part of the case, that consisted of: mostly homeowners and mostly working individuals. There were six counties involved in this recruit, with distances of 50-100+ miles each way, and a couple of counties 30 to 10 miles each way. It was imperative we find creative ways to encourage people to attend giving the driving distances, which were accomplished.   

The second portion of this case required people to be available for two full weeks, Monday – Friday, using the same criteria as the first portion, but limited in the counties we needed to recruit.

We were rewarded in our recruit with what we call “A Pass Through,” a bonus for helping our clients win the case!

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