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Ya’ll Come Back Now

I wanted you to know that the clients on the case in Manhattan were thrilled, absolutely thrilled, with the jury recruit!  Magnus has been working for these clients for 20 years and until Tuesday, we have never, ever, had a 100% show rate in NYC.  Not only did we have a 100% show rate, but the clients were delighted with the high quality of the people who came.  They complained to me recently that we usually have “low life” mock jurors instead of upscale Manhattan residents and this recruit had exactly the type of people they wanted.

I explained that our wonderful jury recruiters are in Mobile, Alabama, and their Southern accents combine with their professionalism to entice people in NYC to participate!

We were working with a new client in Miami-Dade County for the first time and they were delighted. They indicated that the mock jurors were just like the jury pool. And, that’s what we do; we match the jury pool in whatever market you need research services.

According to a Trial Lawyer who attended a mock trial in New Orleans, he said, “I’ve held many mock trials in New Orleans, but this is the best representation of a jury pool in this area I’ve ever seen.”

According to a Trial Consultant:  I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how great this is to hear. I know we were strict on the recruiting (and we always will be), but Judy just got to work and was very open in communicating with us. Awesome job by Judy and the rest of the recruiting team and thank you for the open communication early on. We are very much looking forward to working with you all again in the future. Have a nice day.

The mock went very well, and your recruit reflected a reliable sample/cross section of racially diverse jury eligible adults demographically matched to the Wilmington, DE state court venue.  All 38 jurors were engaged and worked hard throughout the exercise.

Thoughts to Ponder

How many of you in business have experienced a slow period, not the normal highs and lows of previous years but a complete drop off in business, only to be followed with an immense onslaught of business that pushed everyone in the business to the brink! And, to confuse the issue, other varying types of businesses in or out of your immediate area, also experience these same up and down waves. Are we all tied together in some way and if so, what is it?

At RSI we have to be adaptable to our clients’ needs! That means to be able to “jump through hoops” to get the research done when it is absolutely needed to move your business ahead.

Pass Through

Research Strategies, Inc. was recently involved with a legal case that required substantial effort on everyone’s part to be highly successful.

You see, Research Strategies, Inc. is known for its ability to accomplish difficult legal recruiting, whether the stakes are high or not! In this case, the stakes were very high, and it required many days and hours of diligent dedication and focus to maintain the course, so the outcome of the two legal events, that comprised this study, were immensely successful.

We were challenged with meeting recruiting qualifications for the largest part of the case, that consisted of: mostly homeowners and mostly working individuals. There were six counties involved in this recruit, with distances of 50-100+ miles each way, and a couple of counties 30 to 10 miles each way. It was imperative we find creative ways to encourage people to attend giving the driving distances, which were accomplished.   

The second portion of this case required people to be available for two full weeks, Monday – Friday, using the same criteria as the first portion, but limited in the counties we needed to recruit.

We were rewarded in our recruit with what we call “A Pass Through,” a bonus for helping our clients win the case!