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What to Expect from a Focus Group

Focus Group is qualitative research methodology designed to gain your specific opinion about a certain topic or subject matter in a round table format.

  • In Research Strategies, Inc.’s thirty (30) years of business, we have never accepted any business where our research participants have been subject to any type of “sales pitch” or solicitation. This applies during and after the Focus Group session.
  • Each research participant is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement means that you are not to speak with others about the content of the Focus Group. Likewise, Research Strategies, Inc. will not release any of your information for any other purpose except for the Focus Group research.
  • Your time is important to Research Strategies, Inc., therefore we pay each research participant for their time and cooperation.
  • People who know one another have a tendency to bias the results of the Focus Group. That is why you are asked if you know anyone else attending the Focus Group and we do not allow you to bring anyone to the session.
  • Focus Groups are designed for a specific number of people. To assure this happens, Research Strategies, Inc. over recruits. On rare occasions our clients sometimes elect to release some of the extra research participants at the start of the session. These individuals do receive compensation for their time and cooperation for showing up on time and completing the initial questionnaires.

What to Expect
Once Research Strategies, Inc. has recruited you for a Focus Group you will be sent a confirmation letter. This letter will come by Email or by United States Postal Service if you do not have an active Email address. The Email Confirmation Letter will have the subject line “Paid Research Session.” Always check your “Spam Mail” if you do not receive a Confirmation Letter within two (2) working days after being recruited.

Research Strategies, Inc. will give two (2) Confirmation Calls to your cell phone or house’s line-land before the Focus Group session. This process just assures us of your intent to attend the Focus Group session. Please just let us know that “Yes” you will be attending the Focus Group session. If we leave you a voice mail, please call us back at 866-660-2910 by the next day or sooner. If you get our answering service, please state your name, the town that the Focus Group is being held and affirm that you will be attending. Research participants who do not confirm back to their attendance intentions will be replaced after several attempts and not admitted to the session.

The dress for Research Strategies, Inc.’s Focus Groups is business casual. If you need glasses or contacts wear or bring them. If you are cold nature, bring a sweater or light jacket. You will need a picture driver’s license or state identification card to get into the session.

You will be asked to turn off your cell phone, radios and/or pagers. The Focus Groups will have breaks about every two (2) hours when you can get your messages. Dependent on the time of day/night of the Focus Group session, Research Strategies, Inc. will provide a light breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or refreshments/snacks during the breaks. Most Focus Groups do require walking from room to room unassisted.

Always arrive at the Focus Group location on-time or slightly ahead of time. If you are unfamiliar with the location, it is a good idea to locate the site a few days before the Focus Group date. If you have a traffic problem the day of the session, please call Research Strategies, Inc. at 866-660-2910 and advise us of your situation. People who arrive late at the Focus Group will not be admitted or compensated for their time.

Once you check in for the Focus Group you will be asked to complete several questionnaires. Next you will most likely be part of a larger group who will listen to a discussion, argument or presentation. The subject matters can vary. The reason we do not tell you the specific topic is that Research Strategies, Inc. is looking for your unbiased opinion and do not want you doing homework that might influence your thoughts. Next you will be broken up into smaller groups to discuss various elements of the subject matter. At the end of the session each Focus Group research participant will be paid for their time and cooperation.

If at anytime during the Focus Group recruitment process you have a question, please call Research Strategies, Inc. at 866-660-2910.