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Out Bound Telephone Call Center

Research Strategies, Inc.’s in-house 24-Computer Station (CATI like) Telephone Operations Center is located in Mobile, Alabama. This center is manned with professionally trained researchers, specifically selected for their demeanor and speaking ability. With a mean age of 42.5 years, Research Strategies restricts the minimum age for these researchers to 25 years of age. Research Strategies, Inc.’s Telephone Operations Center’s arsenal of software programs include: SPSS, Sawtooth, Access, Microsoft and Research Strategies, Inc.’s proprietary software “Research Express.” Software used in the data retrieval process is kept on a separate computer server that is not connected to the Internet for security purposes. The data is backed up nightly and a copy of the data kept off-line and off-site for protection. Research Strategies, Inc. will maintain an electronic copy of all databases for up to three (3) years after its completion of the project as a security measure.

Research Strategies, Inc.’s Telephone Operations Center conducts in excess of 15,000 completed questionnaires per year, ranging from Legal Focus Group/Mock Trial screeners to various consumer perception questionnaires to customer satisfaction studies. The Consumer Telephone Operations Center usually operates Sunday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM in each time zone. Research Strategies, Inc. offers total transparency as to our research methodologies and protocols. Clients have daily access to Research Strategies, Inc.’s team members and can randomly listen to their telephone intercepts in real-time.

Research Strategies, Inc. uses Stratified Matrix Sampling methodology to provide our clients’ telephone and other research methodologies with an accurate geographic and demographic representation of their marketplace. We offer continuous on-site monitoring by validating a minimum of 5.0% of each researcher’s calls. And follow standard protocols developed by the Marketing Research Association as well as Data Collection guidelines for the Council of American Survey Research Organizations.