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Research That Delivers Results.

Research Strategies, Inc.’s clients come to us from word of mouth referrals. Our clients, both large and small, know you can’t use cookie cutter research to accurately understand “What Your Customers Think.” Research Strategies, Inc. delivers those research results in common sense, actionable reports!

Some of Our Clients


Business Experience

Research Strategies, Inc. has conducted over 1,700+ qualitative and quantitative research projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean in over forty four (44) different business categories.

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Market Analysis

Research projects include gathering market intelligence and information.


We have conducted over eight hundred (800+) litigation/judicial market research projects in fifty (50) states from Maine to California, including the Caribbean.

What to Expect from a Focus Group

Focus Group is qualitative research methodology designed to gain your specific opinion about a certain topic or subject matter in a round table format.

In-Field Researchers

Research Strategies, Inc. offers professionally trained In-Field Researchers located throughout the United States including: Atlanta, Biloxi/Gulfport, Birmingham, Charlotte Denver, Fresno, Huntsville, Marksville, Memphis, Mobile, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Pensacola, San Diego and Yuma. Each of Research Strategies’ In-Field Researchers is carefully selected for their demeanor and ability to meet strangers.

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Understand your Market

Research Strategies Inc., has spent the better part of 20 years helping our clients understand their own clients.

Legal Focus Groups

We are one of the larger Marketing Research Companies working in the legal category.

The Right Fit

Let our 20+ years of experience work for you, and your customer base.

Telephone Center

Research Strategies, Inc.’s in-house 24-Computer Station (CATI like) Telephone Operations Center is located in Mobile, Alabama. This center is manned with professionally trained researchers, specifically selected for their demeanor and speaking ability.

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